Beautiful Places and Smiling Faces. vol. 1

Reflecting back on some of my previous wedding posts, it seems to me that I may have inadvertently placed too much focus on the bride and groom and neglected to share some of the candid and picturesque moments that help to make the day so special.  By focusing on candid moments the true mood of the day becomes easily identifiable.

For this installment, we’re going back to the wedding of Jen and Jay Neil, which took place in the secluded valley of the Pemberton Meadows.  The sky was blue, temperatures were in the high 30’s and sun was shining bright.

Pemberton is a village located about 20 minutes north of Whistler and has a population of a mere 2,192 people.  Consistently warm and dry summers have made it famous for its agriculture, though most people now know it as the venue of the Pemberton Music Festival.

With Mount Currie towering over the town and surrounding fields, it truly is one of the most magnificent backdrops to work with as a photographer.  Combine that with willow trees, wheat grass and loose gravel roads it make a great venue for the fairy tale wedding!

Jen and Jay063

Jen and Jay105  Jen and Jay217 Jen and Jay140 Jen and Jay132 Jen and Jay223Jen and Jay136 Jen and Jay240 Jen and Jay154 Jen and Jay138 Jen and Jay221 Jen and Jay220Jen and Jay219

Jen and Jay176  Jen and Jay400


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