Private Workshops

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I often refer to the analogy that different builders will use different tools when constructing a house, much like photographers will use different tools to create their images.  However, of all the different types of tools there are a few that are essential.

  • Camera- Either a Nikon or Canon digital SLR body is recommended.
  • Lens- Lens selection is up to the photographer and their budget, although having just one lens may limit you in some situations. A wide angle (16-35mm) and a telephoto (70-200mm) are recommended.  A fixed 50mm f1.8 lens is a great inexpensive lens to have in your bag as well.
  • Flash- An external flash is required for this workshop.  Tools like Pocket Wizard Plus II or off camera cords are also recommended to fire your flash off of the camera hot shoe.
  • Laptop- Mac or PC is the ongoing debate, but I assure you that either are acceptable in the photo world.  If your laptop has been purchased in the last three years, it should be able to run applications such as Adobe Photoshop, etc.
  • Software- Adobe Photoshop Elements is the minimum requirement and of course Adobe Photoshop CS series will be covered as well.

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