Wild Wild West…Coast trail

If you ever searching for an adventure on Vancouver Island and have a bit of time and relatively good fitness, the West Coast Trail is for you.

This rustic 75km was originally built in 1907 as a pathway to rescue survivors from shipwrecks along this treacherous part of the coast that is now called the Pacific Rim National Park.

The trail is a two way trail that can start in Port Renfrew and finish in Bamfield of vice versa.  The trail itself features ladders, bridges, old growth trees, beaches, mud bogs, waterfalls and streams to collect your fresh (you need to filter or treat it) water for eating and cooking.

You will want to be sure to keep your eyes peeled as the trail is habitat to a wide variety of wildlife species. We managed to come across grey whales, black bears, bald eagles, seals and sealions among many other smaller creatures.  Fortunately we did not come across any cougars or wolves that also are known to reside within the Pacific Rim National Park.

Please keep in mind that this trail is extremely rugged and not recommended for anyone with poor fitness or minimal outdoor experience.  As an avid camper and backcountry traveller, even I was surprised at just how difficult this 75km adventure turned out to be.


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